When Will I Get Results on Keto

Ketorets by Rahul Kamra

How Much Weight Can I Lose on Keto and How Soon?

The amount of weight you can lose on keto can be calculated by multiplying the square root of your age with the exponential dividends of your weight and then subtracting the seconds you lost while reading this completely made up equation. If you didn’t get the drift, that was a brief intro to my sarcastic abilities.
While your bucket list might demand losing weight in 1 month, keto has its own time-table to follow. Losing weight on keto depends how your body responds to it and that is based on various factors.

Ketorets by Rahul Kamra

How Long Do I Need to be on Keto to Get Desired Results?

Frankly, I don’t know.
And trust me, nobody does.
Firstly, your definition of desired results needs to be put under the scanner. You might want a 6 pack or target a healthy BMI or simply want a quick fix for a party. When you want a summer body, that also depends on how far your summer is. And while you might think this year is definitely the one, it might take you until next year to be where you want to be.