Ketorets Method

A groundbreaking approach developed by the Ketorets coach, Rahul Kamra, this patented method has been meticulously crafted and tested across over a thousand clients. It is not merely a diet plan but a transformative journey that integrates the science of ketosis with the art of nutrition, leading to significant weight loss and life changing results.
At its core, the Ketorets Method builds on Three innovative pillars:
Caloric Deficit
Intermittent Fat Fasting
Circadian Rhythm Hacking
and the rich flavors of Indian cuisine, each tailored to optimize your metabolic health and enhance fat loss.
Phases of Transformation:
- Vital Shift Phase: Initiate ketosis, stabilize energy, and address keto flu with hydration, rest, and keto practices.
- Cruise Control Phase: Gradually adjust macronutrients, guided by tailored nutrition strategies.
- Metabolic Reviving Phase: Balance metabolism by adjusting carbs, proteins, and fats.
- Energy Rebalance Phase: Implement a tailored low-carb diet for energy balance, requiring periodic adjustments.
The Ketorets Lifestyle:
The Ketorets Method goes beyond simple dieting; it’s a holistic approach to health that revitalizes your entire lifestyle. It’s designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily life, providing not just weight loss solutions but a pathway to rejuvenate your health and sustain these changes permanently.

Embrace a transformative experience that combines dietary innovation with the delightful zest of Indian culinary traditions.