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Nidhi for Ketorets by Rahul Kamra
“Friend first and diet curator next, that’s how personalized Rahul’s approach has been for me. Best part of working with him is his availability to answer even simplest of questions any time of the day. I also loved his seamless and systematic approach for on-boarding and then making your journey as smooth as possible, given all tantrums one can throw while making such radical changes to lifestyle.”
Nidhi Singh
Pradeeta on Ketorets by Rahul Kamra
"Rahul is an amazing human being, with immense depth of knowledge regarding keto, as well as diet planning! He's not only helped me understand my relationship with food, but also made me respect my own body. He's not just a coach but a lifelong friend.
It's not easy giving personal attention to everyone, but Rahul does it with aplomb. He makes himself accountable so that I can do the same. To have someone like him look after me, be it my daily health questions or for just being there as a shoulder to lean on, Rahul is truly and completely my keto buddy."
Pradeeta Mishra
Shivani Bansal on Ketorets by Rahul Kamra
"Keep CALM and call KAMRA has been my go to mantra since the time I joined in ketorets. Rahul is an extreme extrovert and an exuberant diet curator who just treats your problems and smallest queries like his own and his 24/7 availability makes him truly a special part of your health and fitness journey!! Inherently becoming the part of your day to day life, he has the best possible answers to all your Keto doubts. Tremendously flexible plans that he has to offer are remarkable.. can go on and on... Just KEEP up all the good work"
Shivani Bansal
Dinika Anand for Ketorets by Rahul Kamra
"I started my journey with Rahul in June 2019 with an Instagram account called Ketoskeptic because I was sceptical about keto but Rahul quickly turned my scepticism into belief and faith because everything he says or does comes from a rock solid foundation of knowledge and experience. I am glad to have found him and he has indeed lived up to his tag of being a keto buddy! My favorite thing about this journey has been how easy and comfortable he makes keto – local ingredients, diet staples and ease of eating outside without guilt or regrets!! Rahul has managed to help sort the relationship I had with food, weight, health and so much more!!"
Dinika Anand
Shivaditya Shrivastava on Ketorets by Rahul Kamra
"To me, Keto seemed to be an extremely challenging diet and it would have been so, had I done it alone or under someone else. With Rahul Bhaiya, it was smooth sailing all the way through. My biggest challenge during any attempt at diet control has been constant battle with cravings and eating tasteless food, but that was taken care of by unbelievably delicious recipes curated by Rahul Bhaiya. And even better than that, was his constant encouragement and uplifting advice he gave and continues to give me, over endless texts and phonecalls. I completed five months of my Keto journey, 23 kgs lighter, with a rich knowledge of my body, foods that suit me and those that don't. And having gained an elder brother who I'll always stay in touch with and look up to for advice, both weight related and in general."
Shivaditya Shrivastava
Sourabh Choudhary on Ketorets By Rahul Kamra
"Keto Rahul is an absolute pro. I struggled with unhealthy eating habits and had an unhealthy relationship with food for last two years but after only a few sessions with him I feel like I've taken control of my eating (and my life) in a brand new way. He doesn't watch the clock but talks to you as a friend, which is exactly what I was looking for. I lost about 40 kilos and still have a long way to go."
Sourabh Choudhary
Ninaa Boddu on Ketorets by Rahul Kamra
"My keto journey with Rahul has been a very interesting roller coaster ride. Before joining Ketorets, I had tried keto a number of times but never found it easy. Rahul has not only made keto sustainable, simple and easy for me but has also introduced me to many new dishes and taught me to enjoy food and the process as a whole. He has changed my perception of a “diet” by teaching me how to make most delicious food in a healthy way. My favourite part of working with Rahul is that I get to comfortably discuss recipes and experiment new things every now and then. Food is a passion we share and that’s what has got me through this far. At the beginning, I was only focused about results and not so much about food but the importance of enjoying your food is much greater, which eventually leads to great results. Rahul is very knowledgeable when it comes to the subject. He knows exactly what he is saying and has a lot of information which he is always happy to share, teach and guide. He definitely is the best keto buddy one can have during an emotional and difficult journey of weight loss. I am super grateful to have a coach like him but more than that he is now one of my closest friends whom I can always lean on."
Ninaa Boddu
Akchhara on Ketorets by Rahul Kamra
"Rahul says I am not just your keto coach but your keto buddy, and when he says this, he actually means it. He is there for you constantly. He's patient with you, pampers you, makes sure that you ease into keto. He is there to talk to you and explain to you any apprehensions you have about keto, and he literally holds your hand in this journey and walk with you! And that's why KETORETS is different because it's not just a company which is providing you a diet chart you can follow to lose weight but it's a person who becomes your support system on this beautiful journey. He is dependable, sweet, and definitely super strict when it comes to your food and recipes! But when you listen to him properly you definitely get results.. ❤"
Shambhavi for Ketorets by Rahul Kamra
"I got on board for my keto journey with Rahul after he gave me a clear and concise introduction to the process. I am a medical student from a family full of doctors and after reading everything about keto, I was convinced that Rahul’s logic was absolutely on point and his experience was far greater than any bookish knowledge. We had endless conversations where he would give me physical proof for every scientific keto fact and explain the minutest details about the biochemistry behind it. I was in awe of the way he created a safe space for me to share my doubts and feel accepted and comfortable enough to go through with it. The only reason my transition into the keto lifestyle has been so smooth is because Rahul was virtually holding my hand and guiding me at every step, working around my comfort and schedule, motivating me on the difficult days, and making me laugh through all of it. He’s been the best keto buddy I could ask for."
Shambhavi Chaurasia
Ramya on Ketorets by Rahul Kamra
"Rahul Kamra - you are a magician in disguise. I was fortunate to come across KETORETS through a tweet of a famous celebrity. Curious to know more, I reached out to Rahul. I was pleasantly surprised to know that there wasn’t going to be a chart emailed to me. Indeed this turned out to be the most personalized & simple approach to a lifestyle change! Coming from IT with a 9 to 6 job, Bangalore traffic, and being a non- cooking person was not even an issue, because of your step by step simple & sumptuous recipes. Your continuous guidance has improved my lifestyle and mindfulness around food! Always grateful!"
Ramya Ravi
Navneet Sooch on Ketorets By Rahul Kamra
"I have been on this journey for more than 4 months now. And I have never felt this way about my body. Rahul’s way of guiding and helping you to achieve your goals is exceptional. As he always says,this is not merely business for him. He loves each and everyone of us. The best thing is that he is highly approachable and accommodates you according to your needs. Keto is assumed to be a very tough diet. But the way he plans, it seems effortless!"
Navneet Sooch
Kushal Bhandari for Ketorets by Rahul Kamra
"I was always skeptic about Ketogenic diet until I came across this page on Instagram called 'Ketorets' and that's how I started my Keto journey with Rahul. Rahul is a pro at what he does and does it with utmost passion. He is more like your buddy than a coach. No one can make keto as smooth as him. Anyone who cannot cook can find it easy with his step by step guide to each and every recipe and trust me, the recipes are amazing. I was a part of this journey for 4 months and I can say I not only lost weight but also gained an amazing friend..."
Kushal bhandari