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Ketorets Keto Community is a platform for like minded people who want to start or have been on this metabolic state called ketosis. It is a space for those who strongly believe in the ketogenic art of eating food.

This forum defines an elaborate format of Ketogenic Diet and also helps self ketoers and other individuals to build a community. It provides them a platform to discuss their opinions, views, or ask questions to make their journey easier.

I personally believe that when you have keto buddies around you and are surrounded by people who are traveling with you then the journey becomes fun and way more fulfilling. And of course, having each other is a constant dose of motivation and energy to be better everyday.

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Keto and Discipline

Kavisha Shah
New Member

If something is simple, why is it so difficult to do?

The key is to be clear about the goals we hope to achieve. If our goals are clear, there’s motivation to curb our desires and thus we become more disciplined.

To use an analogy, if we see the finishing line, it makes us move towards the destination in a much more focused manner. If we are unsure about where we are heading, there’s nothing to stop us from being distracted and wandering all over the place.

Having a purpose or a goal makes you more disciplined. It ensures that you are aware of the consequences of irresponsible or unplanned cheating. For someone without goals, this will only occur in future, when it might be too late for corrective actions.

Topic starter Posted : 24/08/2020 1:48 pm
john pery
New Member
  1. Swap in Keto-friendly foods. Instead of eating chocolate chip cookies, eat Keto chocolate chip cookies. .
  2. Keep portions small.
  3. Make it rare.
  4. Make it count.
  5. Avoid sugar.
  6. Cheat close to exercise
  7. Return to eating Keto quickly.Like any diet, eating keto takes discipline. It may seem difficult during the first week, but once your body gets used to it, following the diet will seem second nature. That said, it might not be realistic for everyone to follow a strict ketogenic diet. In that case, you could try to follow the 80/20 rule
Posted : 10/05/2022 6:54 pm
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