Keto Sauce

Keto Arrabbiata Sauce

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Keto Arrabbiata Sauce
  1. Purée tomato in a mixer.
  2. Add oil on a hot pan, add bay leaf onion and garlic.
  3. Sauté till golden brown, add the tomato purée and mix it well. Lower the flame and add seasonings.
  4. This sauce can be used to cook as well used as a dip too.
Recipe Notes

Store it in the airtight container in the fridge by reducing its consistency or use this right away. The thick paste of this sauce can be stored for a week. For recipes, use the required quantity of paste and dilute it by adding luke warm water to get sauce consistency.

Disclaimer- Emphasis on pronunciation is only for educational purpose.

No mother in law was hurt or abused while making this recipe.

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