What to do When Weight Hits a Plateau on Keto?

What to do When Weight Hits a Plateau on Keto?

What to do When Weight Hits a Plateau on Keto?

First of all, let us talk about the definition of plateau. Your weight is said to hit a plateau if you see absolutely no change for over 21 days – neither increase nor decrease. It is not uncommon to hit a plateau during any health regime.

The way I approach things at Ketorets, is to recommend following a Progressive Ketogenic diet, wherein we keep making changes so that things do not become predictable. I change eating patterns for my clients, not allowing their bodies to adapt to eating in a particular way. It is important to always keep our bodies on its toes and making changes constantly.

So, if someone feels their weight has hit a plateau, they must check measurements because keto involves both weight loss and fat loss. You should also keep a tally of your macros and ensure that you are eating right. Moreover, it is not just about macros, but the right ratios. You may find it hard to believe when I say that it is not the end of the world to be stagnated at a weight or measurement. It actually allows you to hit your regime with new tactics, thus, augmenting desired results.

It is also important to cultivate a healthy attitude towards stagnant weight. Most often than not, we allow numbers to ruin our mood and at times, even the hard-earned progress made so far. No matter how much we yearn for it, it is not humanly possible to keep losing the same amount of weight every month. If this happened, and you started off at 60 kg and managed to lose 5 kg in the first month, you should weigh 0 kg in a year. As ridiculous as that sounds, we keep hoping that such a technique works. After all, we are not a table of 5 running around on two legs.

Whenever you are doing a diet, it is equally important to nourish your thoughts with positivity and determination. Otherwise it becomes too easy for a diet to become too difficult or too boring when it is not showing us the results that we want within the time limit we have set in our heads. A diet has a mind of its own and while you can do everything to control it, it is better to have a healthy relationship with your expectations.

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