Format and Process

Working with 800+ clients globally and witnessed 500+ successful transformations of clients reaching their best body composition in the last decade. Ketorets proudly holds a position of being one of the most preferred brand for Indian Ketogenic Diet.

Diet curation consists of a personalized approach:

-exclusivity in curation.

-delectable recipes to follow a regime. 

The accountability is shared by both the client and the curator to work towards a common goal of healthy sustainable living. 

-A format is designed according to client’s daily schedule and a plan is designed according to their taste and meal preferences. 

-A client is expected to send their daily updates and weekly measurements as well. 

-Daily recipes are provided to every client as per their progress and calculations. 

-An elaborative offset programme also called as Reverse dieting is introduced to the client to maintain a healthy lifestyle once a client ends the regime.