Is Bulletproof Coffee An Essential Part Of Keto?

Is Bulletproof Coffee An Essential Part Of Keto?

Is Bulletproof Coffee An Essential Part Of Keto?

The Thought Of Ghee/Butter/Coconut Oil In Coffee Is Difficult To Adapt. How To Train My Mind To Gulp A Bullet Proof Coffee Every Day?

No, it is not a hard and fast rule to start your day with a bulletproof coffee. A ketogenic diet can also be done by consuming three meals a day. Now before you sigh in relief, hear me out. When you dump in straight fats in your body in the morning, your body tries to break down fatty acids. When it fails to do so, your body is pushed into deeper ketosis.

This is a version of intermittent fat fasting that I discovered and abide by. At ketorets, I believe that the morning sequence should be about sticking to pure fats and be devoid of any major food groups. This is a logic that I follow and ask my clients to do so too.

When you take care of the required fat quota right in the morning, you save yourself from a dinner that is swimming in a pool of ghee/oil/butter.

But it is not the only way to start a ketogenic diet. I too have tried a couple of other techniques with several clients and the results have been different for different people. However, we cannot just weigh the feasibility of a particular method just by the results it yields.

Keto is an art of eating and ketosis is about burning fats into energy. The thought of drinking ghee is dreadful, no doubt, but if you think about it, isn’t it dreadful to not be our best selves just because we are too stuck in our old ways?

Human body is truly amazing. Its ability to adapt to diverse conditions is commendable. So, with each gulp of coffee, the ghee running down your throats, you are training your body for a better lifestyle. Are you up for this challenge?

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