Will I Get Loose Skin By Losing A Lot Of Weight On Keto?

Will I Get Loose Skin By Losing A Lot Of Weight On Keto?

Will I Get Loose Skin By Losing A Lot Of Weight On Keto?

Loose skin is an after effect of losing weight/fat on any diet, not just keto. Loose skin from moderate weight loss retracts with time and can be aided by remedies such as use of castor oil and coconut oil. In the process of losing approximately 40 kilograms, I too had a fair share of loose skin, but I noticed it went away over a period. You can also supplement your diet with yoga or any other physical activity to reduce the extent to which your skin gets loose.

When we gain weight, our skin gets stretched to accommodate it. Likewise, when we lose weight/fat, the excess skin gets loose. When people who have bulked up in gyms stop working out, they too get loose skin because of muscle depletion.

Indeed, keto is points ahead of other diets, as being on a ketogenic diet augments autophagy. When old cells are replaced by new ones, it prevents the skin from sagging and lifts it up. So, keto is a good option if loose skin is the only reason that has kept you away from losing weight.

Loose skin might hamper your plans to hit the beach in a bikini, but it is in your hands to not let it become yet another excuse of not doing a diet. And if you ask me, if you wear your loose skin with confidence, you don’t have to think twice about putting on that dress you like and hit the beach/world like a boss.

While it might be going a little too far to ask someone to wear their loose skin as scars of battle, but we can learn a thing or two from people who have the confidence to do so!

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