What to Do When I Feel Tired and Weak on The Keto Diet?

What to Do When I Feel Tired and Weak on The Keto Diet?

What to Do When I Feel Tired and Weak on The Keto Diet?

You are going on with your day just fine when out of nowhere, a big case of mid-day slump hits you hard. All you want is a steaming cup of chai or coffee, but keto made you break ties with them long back. Well, maybe you can have some chai but for that you have got to DM me.

Things are often simple on a glucose-based diet, where you can dig in some chocolate, fruits or in extreme cases, pop in a glucose drip.

So why do you exactly feel lethargic on keto? Cutting down on carbohydrates depletes the electrolyte levels in your body. Each gram of carbohydrate holds up to 5-6 grams of water and when this water goes out of your system, it also flushes out minerals and electrolytes.

To restore balance, you must make a long-lasting pact with Himalayan pink salt for it is going to be your knight in shining armour. It is crucial that you switch from normal salt to Himalayan pink salt – no, not rock salt, no chat masala, “Himalayan Pink Salt”.

Whenever you feel a dip in energy, just make yourself a glass of lemon salt water. Trust me, it does wonders to revitalize your mind and body. While you can also drink black coffee, it must be strictly reserved for days when you are faced with a do or die situation.

It is also very important to have a sound sleep. So quit glancing at your phone till wee hours of the night and sing your lullabies.

There are tons of electrolyte supplements which you can buy off the shelf, and while they do work, I am a firm believer of not opening too many boxes or packets. The more natural ingredients you put in your body, the more it thanks you in the long run.

So, squeeze in a bit of lime and stir some Himalayan pink salt because there is no slack-o-clock in keto.

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