What Happens if I Unexpectedly Cheat on Keto?

What Happens if I Unexpectedly Cheat on Keto?


We all have days when nothing seems to go our way and the only thing that makes sense is a slice of pizza. But what follows gulping down that pizza is a big serving of guilt. Unexpected cheat days can jump at us out of nowhere in the form of bad mood, mood swings or simply boredom. What happens exactly in such a case, you might ask. Well, for starters the world comes crashing down.

Ok, that isn’t what happens literally but if you take a cheat day without planning, i.e., without fasting for 24 hours on the preceding day, you are putting your body in a position where it has both high fats and high carbs. Just typing it gave me chills, phew! Pointless to say, that this is not an ideal position to be encountered with. This sudden increase in carbs is detected by your body which responds by spiking your insulin supply. The huge amount of insulin will be supplied to your organs and cells, shooting up your blood pressure. In nutshell, you damage some of the core functions of your body and risk messing up 3 weeks of progress that you might have made on keto.

If you keep taking frequent cheat days without fasting a day prior and the day later, your body will adapt to a situation where it will not get into ketosis and keep craving carbohydrates. Thus, you will be stuck in a vicious cycle where one unexpected cheat day will not just wash over your progress but also hamper you from getting back on track anytime soon. I cannot stress enough how important it is to properly plan your cheat days in advance because guilt weighs quite heavy on a weighing scale. Being on keto tests your patience and builds up your discipline. But at the end of the day it is in your hands to determine how much you are willing to let go to see a new version of yourself.

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