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Road Trip on Keto | Canada | Ketorets by Rahul Kamra

No Cribbing While Road Tripping!

No cribbing while Road tripping.


Ummm, DIET?

We all love a little time-off with friends and family. Hitting the road, with your favourite people, singing, aka screaming, your lungs out with your go-to playlist and yes of-course, the snacks. Snacking and road-tripping go hand in hand.
While on-road and away from home you might think of taking a break from your diet too. Thinking and drooling over delicious food you might relish on your getaways. Ok! STOP! Do not go down that dark alley😶.

Keto, Kitchen, and Me. Ketorets by Rahul Kamra

Keto, Kitchen, and Me…

I have been doing rounds in this weight-loss world ever since a young kid. Fats run in my genes you see 😉. I have popped pills, have been fed protein Rotis, blended so-called fun smoothies, worked out like a retard, watched out what I ate, so on and so forth. I have been doing it in all forms that it comes. So, when I hear somebody talking about a diet, I crib. I change routes. I leave the place because diets have never been fun in my life. Not until I embarked on this unknown, yet so far delicious journey. Am I making sense? Probably not at this moment. But go on, read a little more.