Keto, Kitchen, and Me…

Keto, Kitchen, and Me…

by Ruhi Madiwale

Keto, Kitchen, and Me…

Keto… everyone here must have heard this term At least once in their lifetime.

What comes out as low-carb, protein balancing, and fat hugging diet, is an absolute delight to follow.

I have been doing rounds in this weight-loss world ever since a young kid. Fats run in my genes you see 😉. I have popped pills, have been fed protein Rotis, blended so-called fun smoothies, worked out like a retard, watched out what I ate, so on and so forth. I have been doing it in all forms that it comes. So, when I hear somebody talking about a diet, I crib. I change routes. I leave the place because diets have never been fun in my life. Not until I embarked on this unknown, yet so far delicious journey. Am I making sense? Probably not at this moment. But go on, read a little more.

Keto, Kitchen, and Me. Ketorets by Rahul Kamra

Here is the thing, I can eat cake as a snack, and eat pizza for my meal on the same day! Isn’t that amazing? Wait, that is not it, coming from a crazy dessert lover, I get to try new desserts, I do not hold back on eating pancakes as my meal or even that fully loaded berry waffle. Yes! No kidding I get to eat this. All of this, while on a DIET.

Now tell me if this is not fun? Who are we kidding? I know you are drooling over my delicious diet.

Coming to the kitchen part of keto, I enjoy cooking but do not like doing it too often (Lazy-Ruhi 101). To keep my tantrums in check, I try to organize my cooking. I cross the T’s and dot the I’s as advised. I try to indulge in this beautiful process of throwing things together (not literally… haha) and creating an edible meal that is presented beautifully which indulges you in every morsel of it.

When you are interested in cooking your food, when you know what your food is made up of, you enjoy it even more. You can taste the flavours and try to up your game every time you stand in your kitchen. Now let me tell you, you are not competing here, all you are doing is trying to enjoy every teeny-tiny step of this process.

Keto has changed many things for me, enhanced my patience, changed my perspective towards dieting, motivated me to cook better food, most importantly enjoy what I am cooking and appreciate the beautiful final product on the plate. So, what are you waiting for? Go. Grab that spatula and stir up something delicious. It is about time to take yourself for dinner. No. Not to a restaurant. Duh! To your dining table, you silly.

This is my “Keto, Kitchen and Me” story. What is yours? 😊

Let us cook it up buttercup

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