No Cribbing While Road Tripping!

No Cribbing While Road Tripping!

by Ruhi Madiwale

No Cribbing While Road Tripping!


Ummm, DIET?

We all love a little time-off with friends and family. Hitting the road, with your favourite people, singing, aka screaming, your lungs out with your go-to playlist and yes of-course, the snacks. Snacking and road-tripping go hand in hand.

While on-road and away from home you might think of taking a break from your diet too. Thinking and drooling over delicious food you might relish on your getaways. Ok! STOP! Do not go down that dark alley😶.

Road Road Trip on Keto | Canada | Ketorets by Rahul Kamraon Keto | Ketorets by Rahul Kamra

I agree it is difficult to stay on your healthy routine when you are out. But hey, is planning not a key to our journey? Yes, we plan our life day-in and day-out, we might as well have a fully planned time-off. Isn’t the whole idea, relaxing and enjoying with your friends/family? For sure it is! at least for me.

I love traveling, hitting the road gives me so much happiness. Scenic roads, time spent with friends, picturesque landscapes – these are some of the most beautiful things we love to experience.

Lately, I have been traveling. Yes, you heard me right. I am road tripping in this pandemic. Taking care of all the precautions and health advisory. I am trying to get out, relax a little, stay active, and stick to my diet. Like I mentioned before, I love this journey of being on keto. It has channelled so many things for me. A little planning goes a long way.

First and foremost, inform your curator about your plans. Discuss the possibilities and meal options. My curator (Rahul Kamra – @Ketorets) is super helpful in laying my plans straight. Secondly, pack your keto essentials, and plan your meals. Carry small bags of nuts and dark chocolates. Make sure you drink lots of water. Prepare a bottle of on the go lemonade.

Pack your butter, it is always better. 😜 If it is a day trip, complete your morning routine before you leave home. Carry water, keto munchies in the right quantity. Do not binge eat your munchies, we tend to do so while we are out and about. Oh, and do not forget about your Diastix if it is an overnight trip… Gotta keep a check on those ketones!

The idea of staying healthy and on track while outside is all about pre-planning and off-course, good communication with your curator. Keto on travel is not hard. I have had days when I had ad-hoc road trips and I cribbed about not being able to eat out. My cravings for non-keto food should not ruin the joy and happiness of my trips.

I have come to realize when I PLAN my day trips or overnight trips, it gives me the utmost peace and happiness. This is when I do not crib over food; I do not crave for non-keto food. Well then, when you stay true to your diet, you will feel happy about not giving up on it in that moment of vulnerability. It is just a PHASE, and that will pass in blink of an eye.

The ultimate goal here is staying on track, staying on keto, planning your trips, and loving yourself even more after getting back home.

Just like planning your logistics is important on a road trip, planning your ketogenic routine is the key to no cribbing while road tripping.

Keep calm and KETO ON:)

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