What is Keto Flu? Can I Avoid It?

What is Keto Flu? Can I Avoid It?

Keto flu is nothing but your body’s way of punishing you for not being on keto soon enough. Ha-ha just kidding.

Keto flu is your body’s reaction to consuming less carbohydrates. When you go off any old habits, your body has a way of reacting towards that change. Smokers experience withdrawal symptoms when they try to quit smoking. You might be shocked to know that sugar reacts with our brain just like addictive drugs! So, letting it go is like getting over a breakup – uncomfortable at first, but better for you in the long run.

Ketosis involves a metabolic change in your body where instead of carbohydrates, ketones become the main source of energy. Due to this shift, your body shows certain exterior signs such as nausea, diarrhea, cold, cough, constipation, fatigue, brain fog etc. It is your body’s way of adapting to the new source of energy. Symptoms can last anywhere between two to ten days and vary individually.

While you cannot avoid being flued up by keto, you can certainly make it easier by following these tips and tricks. Water eases the process of switching from a high carb diet, so drink up that H2O. Even better, squeeze in some lemon and put a dash of Himalayan Pink Salt. Lemon salt water will be your BFF, even after you get over keto flu. Lastly, I want you to bring your ears closer, for I am about to spill some tea. Now, I do not share this secret too often and only do it with people I really like (wink-wink, that is you) so take notes people. If you want to get past keto flu, all you need to do is NOT GIVE UP! You might feel your initial excitement taking a dip when you have to endure keto flu. But believe me when I say, you will get past this. So, trust the plan and stick with it because, just like post breakup blues, keto flu will not last forever, but your love for lemon-salt water will.

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