Can I Be In Ketosis And Not Lose Weight?

Can I Be In Ketosis And Not Lose Weight?

With the risk of all hell breaking lose, I regret to inform you that not losing weight while being in ketosis is very much a possibility. Most people who ask this question skip over a very important fact – keto is not a weight loss diet; it is a fat loss diet. A fat loss diet is made up of two components – fat loss and weight loss.

So how is it possible that even when your body is producing ketones and burning fat, the numbers on the scale are not reflecting that? Well, that is because the scale is not the only parameter to gauge progress. While you are stuck mopping about numbers, you have completely overlooked so many non-scale victories. You might be losing in inches or visceral fat which is wrapped around your organs. If you are not seeing difference on the scale but are noticing changes in inches, it might mean that you are gaining muscle, since it is heavier than fat.  Ketosis is a metabolic state of the body in which your body is burning its own fat and dietary fat. Keto works inside-out. So, the least we can do is quit being a crying emoji in human form.

It is mandatory for every Ketorets client to send a weight photo at start of the day and if I got a penny every time a client got sad over numbers; I would be worth a lot more pennies. I will tell you what I tell all my clients – break your weighing scale. No, really if a machine has so much power over you, it is better that you destroyed it.

And when they realize I am not kidding (which I am not) they calm down for some real advice – your weight depends on many factors like water intake, sleep patterns, stress levels etc. So, beating yourself up about numbers is very short-sighted of us.  You will be thoroughly surprised when you measure yourself and notice drastic changes in inches. So, all the days you were posting sad captions on Instagram, your body was making progress, inch by inch. But we are so used to the big life that we fail to notice small changes such as mental clarity, more focused attention span and much more. It is important to get yourself measured properly every two weeks and may be re-assess why we are so attached to numbers. After all, a calculator might be sharper than us but guess who has the power to remove its batteries?

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