Can I Drink Alcohol on Keto?

Can I Drink Alcohol on Keto?

Can I Drink Alcohol on Keto?

Keto knows better than to come between you and booze. You can make the good times roll with a vodka/gin with water (or lemon salt water), single malt scotch, or blended whisky. If you are a wine person, mulled dry red wine is what you should opt for. You can also knock back liquor, but in teeny weeny amounts.

There are a few drinks you will have to avoid such as rum, bourbon whisky and beer. And if you are slurping on some breezers, I might have to report you for underage drinking. Also, you must opt for a non-carbohydrate mixer, so soda, which reduces appetite, is a big no-no.

Now that you are relieved you do not have to give up on your beloved happy hours, let us talk about how your keto-self will react to alcohol. Your body will digest alcohol before producing ketones, so you will get tipsy faster (yay? nay? That is up to you to decide).

If you pride on having a lofty capacity, prepared to be humbled with a lower scope. Also, your hangover may be a tad bit too hung-over. So, brace yourselves for the next day.

While a drink or two, does not mess with keto, it ends up adding calories. Keto is not necessarily about calorie counting but consuming alcohol means adding empty calories, devoid of any nutrition. So, you can most certainly enjoy your boozy favourites on keto, but it would not be a bad idea to avoid them. Maybe, save them only for special occasions. I parted ways with the high road in 2014 and I do prefer my sober self, a bit better.

Lastly even when you do indulge in a night of revelling, do not go overboard on a guilt trip. Be safe and in case you find yourself losing control, just think about your “favourite” weighing scale. It will knock you right back into senses. Have a good time but do not let your weekend plans ruin weeks of hard work. Cheers!

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