Is Keto Diet Safe and Healthy to Follow?

Is Keto Diet Safe and Healthy to Follow?

If you remember watching ads on TV, you must remember the extremely fast paced monologue that would come right at the end of mutual fund ads. The one where we were told “all mutual funds are subject to market risk”, ever so sneakily. For far too long we’ve been lured by companies to try a new this or a new that, by fooling us with the best tool in the trade – “*”. This little symbol comes loaded with terms and conditions that although mentioned, are done so in a fashion that can only be read by humans with godly vision.

So to answer the question – Is keto safe and healthy to follow?

I’ll answer with a bold YES!

but an even bolder * TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY.

If you have medical conditions such as kidney stone, gallbladder stone, cholesterol issues or fluctuations in liver SGOT and SGPT levels, keto is not an ideal option for you. Before embarking on this journey, it is mandatory to get blood tests done so that your body’s compatibility with keto can be assessed. 

We live in a world where new information is just a click away but there’s a difference between information and guidance. It is good and even advised to be acquainted with the ABCs of keto but that alone can’t be the foundation of starting a new diet. It is only when you supplement self-research with the knowledge of an expert, can you adapt to keto in a sustainable manner.

Seeing keto trend on your socials might’ve got you buzzing to find out more on how to get started. Ketosis is a metabolic state of the body so quit looking at keto as just a diet. It is so much more than that and you must ensure that your source of information is credible. After all health is wealth, am I right? To know the rules of the game, you need a good coach.  As a keto coach and diet curator, I work hard to ensure that my clients follow keto in a safe and healthy way. For me, keto is a lifestyle so I make sure that any newbie approaches it in a holistic manner. 

When followed under the guidance of a professional, keto can work wonders for you. Weight loss is just one of the multi-faceted results that can be achieved with it. Following keto helps improves insulin resistance in your body and regulates hormone levels and functions, thus aiding with PCOS. When combined with intermittent fasting, keto also augments autophagy that not only renews the health of your blood cells but also lowers the risk of diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

If you weren’t already impressed, keto also has reverse ageing effects, helping you get rid of acne and blessing you with healthy, glowing skin.  Don’t forget to pick your jaws off the ground!

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