Aren’t Carbohydrates Necessary for the Body?

Aren’t Carbohydrates Necessary for the Body?

Absolutely yes!

Whoever says otherwise (looking at those self-appointed health gurus) is scamming you. The fight on whether carbs are good or bad has been an old one and always comes in the limelight, when someone tries to lose weight. I want you to repeat after me – Carbs aren’t my enemy or ally. Carbohydrates are one of the major food groups and thus essential to be included in a healthy diet. Anyone who says Keto is anti-carbs is playing for the wrong team. The not-so-well-informed-team.

Following a ketogenic diet does not mean an out-and-out elimination of carbs. You already know that keto is an adequate protein, high fat and low carb diet. Consuming less than 20-30 grams carbs does not carve out a food group from your diet. You might be surprised to know that our body can survive on low amount of carbs to balance sugar levels.

The other side of this coin flips for bodybuilders. Carbs are essential to build up muscle and also if you’re looking for a pump after a workout. As a personal diet curator, I formulate targeted ketogenic diets where minute quantities of carbs are introduced before workouts. After all, it’s all about tweaking keto to suit your specific needs. But all stunts are performed under professional guidance. Do not try them home alone.

Now it’s time to discuss everybody’s favorite, cheat days. The days when you replenish your body with a well-deserved treat. A healthy diet needs to be supplemented with strategically placed cheat days. Revisiting all-time favorites like cholay bhature do not just make you happy but also re-fuels you on your keto journey. It also steers you clear from problems which might arise on a prolonged Ketogenic diet, such as keto-acidiosis. So stop worrying about carb or no-carb. The secret lies in balance so hop on the see-saw my amigos.

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