Can I do Keto as a Crash Diet or Just for Few Weeks?

Can I do Keto as a Crash Diet or Just for Few Weeks?

Yes, you can do keto as a crash diet.

But should you do it as just a crash diet? I’d suggest not. As I’ve said earlier, ketosis is a metabolic state of the body so it doesn’t make sense to get out of it, in say just three weeks. The moment you go off keto, your body dangerously adapts to carbohydrates, thus doing away with most of your progress.

Ideally, you shouldn’t do keto for less than 60 days. Moreover, the time you allot keto depends on why you take it up in the first place. If it’s about fitting into that perfect dress for the party of your lifetime, by all means you can jump on the keto bandwagon for a few weeks. But if your concerns revolve around improving the hormonal structure of your body, it’ll take more than just a few weeks to target such problems.

While it would be absolutely fantastic to make keto work exactly how we want to, it’s not always so easy. You can keep counting the tick and the tock, but putting a time limit on keto, or any other diet will not yield much results. It might even end up making you feel disappointed, when your goals don’t match the alarm you’ve set. So you can keep hitting snooze as much as you’d like, or stop pressuring your mind. Let keto take its own route and be amazed by all that it can do.

As important as it is for your body to be in ketosis, it is equally important to get out of it. At the end of their keto journeys, I make personalized offset plans for my clients in which I gradually introduce carbohydrates in their diets. Also called as reverse dieting, an offset plan is about adapting to a carb based diet in which we try to successfully get out of keto by minimizing any gains on the scale or inches. You might’ve heard that it takes 21 days to nurture a habit and the same goes for keto as well. Here’s hoping that your keto habits survive far beyond than just 21 days.

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