Does Keto Mean End of Social Life?

Does Keto Mean End of Social Life?

Does Keto Mean End of Social Life?

Keto can end your social life only if you avoid having a social life because you are doing keto. Any social event primarily consists of two things – treating our taste buds and interacting with fellow humans.  

The sight of a menu is a beautiful one, sheer excitement of landing your finger on something yummy is something else. So how exactly to do that on keto? Simple! by pre-planning your visit or trip. This allows you to strike middle ground with going out while following your diet.

When in doubt, grill dishes like paneer or chicken tikka are your safest bet. While fats used are not optimal for keto, these delicacies are low in carbohydrates and will not push you out of ketosis. Last minute cheats can only happen if you were teleported to a restaurant.

You might want to improvise by picking some salami off your friend’s pizza. But you do not want to do that because carbohydrates caramelize upon heating and might get transmitted. I know I am acting like Keto police but with great power comes great responsibility.

If it is the happy hour you are concerned about, stick to drinks like vodka and water or gin and lemon salt water and go live your best life. You can also sip on single malt scotches and liquor, but only in itsy bitsy quantities. P.S. beers and breezers are not for keto adults. Read about drinking on Keto here

Now let us come to second part of an outing, interacting with fellow peers. And we all know, where there are peers, there is pressure. It does not exactly help to have someone ask you take a bite off their brownie. A bite never hurt anyone, right? WRONG!

The thing with keto is that taking an unplanned cheat can ruin weeks of hard work. Weeks of determination and perseverance thrown down the drain for what? A bite? A bite does not sound too good now, right? RIGHT. Read More about Unexpected Cheating on Keto here

If you are someone who easily gives in to peer pressure, you have no choice but to be at home for the entirety of your keto life. As unreasonable as that may sound, it is always a good idea to surround yourself with people who nudge you in the right direction.

Instead of giving into a bite of this or a sip of that, use this opportunity to tell people about this new, kick-ass diet that you are slaying. Keto is a great ice breaker and who knows, maybe you will have a new keto buddy to accompany you on the journey. The more the merrier.

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