Is Hair Fall on Keto Normal?

Is Hair Fall on Keto, Normal?

Is Hair Fall on Keto Normal?

Life can be very unfair. Hair loss is so rampant and weight loss is like riding a slow rollercoaster. If only these two could switch places. Time to wake up from your daydreaming slumber, my friend.

There is no certain proof that keto leads to hair fall. While doing keto over a span of 3 months, you may experience hair fall due to drastic changes in terms of your dietary shifts and shedding extra fat.

Taking a multivitamin from day one is a rule of thumb that you must follow. It gives your body an added oomph of nutrition and may prevent hair fall.

If you have existing hair fall issues, it will be good to visit a doctor and get started with the recommended treatment. You might be taking supplements such as biotin or pumpkin seed extracts, but these may not work unless you get on some form of treatment.

You can try a supplement which some of my clients find effective to stop hair fall – Rowan’s Klosh F.

However, before you panic-buy all sorts of supplements and products, sincerely evaluate if you have hair fall. On an average, we lose about 50-100 strands of hair each day. Things are a bit serious when you notice bald patches and thinning of hair.

And when you do settle on a procedure, add a spoonful of patience to it. Any hair regeneration treatment is a slow and gradual process. After all you did not just wake up one day and lost your hair, right?

I will also suggest making it a habit of eating peanuts, chia seeds, flax seeds and other such natural wholefoods which promote hair health. Eggs, spinach, and shellfish etc too help in decreasing hair fall.

And lastly, do not stress too much amigos. Maybe, try watering your roots for faster growth. Let me know if it works!

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