How to Get Out of Keto?

How to Get Out of Keto?

Is There A Process to Get Out Of Keto Or I Can Start With A Normal Diet Whenever I End Keto?

When you decide to part ways with keto ☹, simply waving a goodbye is not going to cut it. Upon reaching desired goals, you need to prepare your body by gradually introducing carbohydrates back into your diet. This process is called an offset plan or reverse dieting.

It comprises of two levels – the first is Keto Threshold level where your body adapts to a glucose based metabolic state and stops producing ketones. The second level is the Resistant level in which carbohydrate consumption is increased by approximately 20 percent. It involves keeping a watch over your weight and inches to limit any major changes.

The offset plan is as important in your keto journey as is drinking enough water on keto, rather more than that. You simply cannot do without it. Before knowing what an offset plan is, you must know whether you should even be taking one.

You cannot preplan an offset plan before starting a diet because there is no way to calculate what level of carbohydrates should be introduced. You must take an offset only upon reaching the desired or ideal weight. Also, you cannot put a timer on how fast you will get results on keto, so do not decide upon an offset deadline right at the beginning.

Furthermore, an offset plan requires certain prerequisites. This phase of your keto voyage can last anywhere from 21 to 72 days, varying from individual to individual. To reverse diet, you should have done keto for AT-LEAST 60 days and be in deep ketosis for 15 days. It is one of my many duties as a Keto Coach and diet curator to personalize an offset plan for each client, which requires regular updates from your end.  

Once you have successfully completed the offset plan, you should not attempt another go at keto for at least 3 months. You just tamed your body to get use to complex carbohydrates and must allow it to get use to changing patterns.  

Also, there will be many instances when all you will want to do is the offset. I have had too many clients wanting to go off keto simply because they wanted faster results, and well, keto is not always at our beck and call.

Considering whatever little expertise I have, (2.5 years of keto – 10% of my lifetime, 300+ people trained), I might or might not recommend an offset at a certain point. Sometimes keto is hard but it is not exactly a recreational diet.

There are rules and I make sure you follow them. So, whether it takes one phone call or five, you better think twice before thinking about an offset.

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