Why I Do I Need To Take Supplements On Keto?

Why I Do I Need To Take Supplements On Keto?

Why I Do I Need To Take Supplements On Keto?

Many components go into making any diet a well-rounded one. In keto’s case, supplements are a vital part of that equation. A ketogenic diet involves letting go of certain vegetables and fruits, thus draining your body of carbohydrates.

Every gram of carbohydrate holds approximately four to five grams of water. In the process of cutting down carbohydrates, your body also flushes out essential minerals and vitamins.

While it is not mandatory to incorporate supplements in your diet, at Ketorets, I recommend taking multivitamins, fish oil/ flaxseed tablets and liver supplement, right at the inception of a keto journey.

Multivitamins replenish vitamins in the body, acting as a guard against any deficiency that might occur during a long-term keto journey. Fish oil curbs down stretch marks, and as a source of healthy fat, aid in maintaining heart health. Since ketones, the main source of energy in keto, are produced in the liver, it is crucial to take a liver supplement.

We have all heard our mothers and their mothers tell us to eat our veggies. Time and again I was told that carrots are good for improving eyesight and I ended up stuffing myself with all the gajar ka halwa in the world. True story! While, I firmly believe that moms know best, keto and veggies have bit of a complicated relationship (Read Here).

Differing geographic factors too might bind you from being able to eat certain vegetables. For these reasons and more, supplements do what the name suggests, supplement your diet with any nutrition that you might be missing out on your plate.

While it is completely your decision, I would advise every self-ketoer to encapsulate their diets with supplements. After all, prevention is better than cure. So why wait around for a discrepancy to pop in a blood report? Your body will only reward you for taking care of it. And who does not like an award or two?

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