How Is Mix of Keto and Intermittent Fasting Helpful for Weight Loss?

How Is Mix of Keto and Intermittent Fasting Helpful for Weight Loss?

How Is Mix of Keto and Intermittent Fasting Helpful for Weight Loss?

Fasting has a lot of health benefits. It helps detoxify our mind and body. Now, there is many different types of fasting, but intermittent fasting is hands down, the most popular one.

I personally vouch for a modified form of INTERMITTENT FAT FASTING. In this, you try to dump straight fats in your body and then fast for a long period. So, you may find it unusual to start your day with 85 grams of fat, but there’s science behind it.

There is a difference between how our body metabolizes food in the morning and in evening. In morning, your body processes less fats, meaning, you can get away with eating more, up to 25% more. You increase your caloric intake in the morning and trickle it down during the day.

Thus, after gulping down a bullet proof coffee (Is Bulletproof Coffee an Essential Part of Keto?), you fast for ten to twelve hours, and then have your final meal of the day. Teamed up with a caloric deficit, intermittent fasting sets the seal on a holistic keto journey, according to me.

Fasting helps repair your gut bacteria and any other gastroenteritis issues. There is a thin line between intermittent fasting and fasting for an entire day. In the former, you decide upon the hours when you will eat and the hours you will not.

16:8 is commonly followed method, wherein you fast for 16 hours and eat only in an 8-hour window.  There’s no sense of fasting at night and then following it up with lunch and an early dinner, the next day. Our body is in a natural state of fasting when we sleep. That’s why the first meal of the day is called, breakfast.

Having three meals in a day is way of life in a glucose- based metabolic diet, where you need quick energy. In a ketogenic metabolic state, we derive energy by burning dietary fats and from existing fat. Due to high production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), your energy levels do not run out so fast. Intermittent fasting is a good way to ensure your body stays in deeper ketosis.

Intermittent fasting, or any variety of fasting may help rectify an unhealthy relationship you share with food. Food can act as a crutch for many, shouldering emotional responses. Many a times, you might find yourself eating, just for the sake of it. Intermittent fasting forces you to make conscious decisions about what you put in your body and help build a healthier relationship with it.

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