KetoKamra – This is How I started!

Weight loss is tiring and sucked my personal life – this is how I felt about it in 2016-17. And then I discovered the Ketogenic lifestyle, and today, I feel extremely proud to be able to share my journey with everyone.

Nothing could have been a better way to start my first blog, than with my story of self-discovery of this amazing way of living a healthy fulfilled lifestyle.

Ketorets by Rahul Kamra

I was driving back to Bombay from Ahmedabad on 29th October 2017. While on my road trip, I was constantly thinking about my hustle of fat loss which started on 3rd January 2016.

With an experience of working out twice a day, martial arts class and a dance class routine, I was just mad about calculating my macros, and trust me, eating 6 meals a day wasn’t easy.

I had shifted to boiled broccoli and boiled chicken for almost 8 months as it was the safest, as what the misguiding humans said. Anyway, as I came back to Bombay on 29th October, I was really upset that I had like a week to all the carb-rich foods and kind of had a cheat week.

That guilt trip didn’t allow me to sleep, despite driving for 600 km straight. I was really wondering what could be the way to deal with my body which was at a staggering 107 kgs then. It all started in 2016 when I was at 117 kgs, and despite trying diets and body enhancing supplements, I could only lose 10kgs in about 9 months.

The entire month went by with the same routine of working out. Started my day at 7 am for Martial arts class in Juhu and then Dance class at 9 am, Gym at Versova at 11:30 am, back home by 2 pm for lunch and rest, and back in the gym at 6 pm. I reached home at 9 pm and slept by 11 pm.

Life was monotonous but I never complained. As when you listen to fitness freaks that it takes years, you just simply keep wondering that what’s this fat loss journey.

Why do I have to do this repeatedly?

On 25th November 2017, I spoke to my trainer back then, for an hour about the ketogenic diet. I had learnt a bit about this on google and some people said that you lose some real fat. I was game to try this as I had nothing to lose well, I had only one thing to lose (you know what I mean).

Ketorets by Rahul Kamra

He told me a textbook definition and helped me with ratios, told me how to start with a pre-fasting plan and that’s how I embarked on my Ketogenic Journey.

My first meal on 27th November 2017 was a 2 egg omelette with 40 grams of butter and some raw spinach. It tasted heaven, it had salt, it was buttery, it had no broccoli.

Thanks to that random human who once said broccoli also has protein, it’s a body builder’s choice 🙄

Anyway, my next meal was boiled chicken again in ghee and some cheese on top. The third meal was a mushroom soup, which I hated most. I am not a fan of mushrooms and Big Basket didn’t deliver that day.

Ketorets by Rahul Kamra

I spoke to my trainer that night, and I told him that I have visited the washroom thrice and I feel I am dying. I was down with keto flu!

I was feeling uncomfortable, groggy and nauseated, he asked me to use Himalayan pink salt. I couldn’t find it and I slept.

The next day I was touching death, I thought that it’s time I shouldn’t do this, but then again as I made the same meals, except I replaced the soup with a random salad made of lettuce and broccoli.

I had like 4 kgs of broccoli at home as that was my mistake.

I ordered it while I was coming to Bombay and had no way to finish this up. The third day was much better. I was drinking enough water but felt nauseated and almost threw up. But that felt really nice. I threw up some chicken, some egg, some butter, and I was feeling super light.

The week went fine, but I could see slight changes. My gym shorts were slightly loose and I could see my face looking different.

I started searching for recipes and all I could find was bacon, avocado and cheese only. Bombay had literally 1-2 restaurants with ketogenic meal options.

After 1 week I discovered keto diastix. And realised that it is an amazing thing to check that you are in ketosis. I wondered the last time I could track a diet like this. I was so impressed that I bought two boxes of it. I dipped it in my urine, and it changed its colour.

OMG OMG…I had a new obsession.

I dipped it in milk, water and don’t know what not 🙄

I also ordered three boxes of it and kept them 🤣

A single month was about to complete, and I was excited😬

The first thing I did was shopping for my gym shorts, old ones were turning into a skirt. I had lost 9 kgs on the scale and close to 13 inches across my body. I could see my t-shirts getting loose and my body responding to it.

And The journey continues…

3 thoughts on “KetoKamra – This is How I started!”

  1. Shambhavi Chaurasia

    It is very interesting to read such an honest and heartfelt description of your weight loss journey and how keto turned it around! Waiting eagerly for the next post❣️

  2. Seeing how you went through everything and now can be a keto buddy to us, I am so happy for you and for everyone who’s lives you are touching and changing!! More power to you Rahul! <3

  3. So proud of you rahul to have penned down the most honest review of the journey.. I believe weight loss is more of an emotional journey than physical and you totally know it all.. Iam so happy that you are a part of my life and this journey!! Lucky to have known you as a freind.. guide .. mentor.. and yes one enemy ofcourse.. haha!!

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