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Measuring Food Ingredients on Keto, Ketorets by Rahul Kamra

What is the Importance of Measuring Food Ingredients on Keto?

What is the Importance of Measuring Food Ingredients on Keto?
Measuring each gram of what you are eating is part of a discipline that you must inculcate. Knowing what you are putting in your body empowers you to make better choices during your diet and later as well.
If you do not measure every element of a recipe, you might risk exceeding your carb intake for the day. Keto is not just about macros but the ratios in which you eat. If there is any discrepancy between fat, protein, and carbohydrate ratios, it can mess up your progress.

Road Trip on Keto | Canada | Ketorets by Rahul Kamra

No Cribbing While Road Tripping!

No cribbing while Road tripping.


Ummm, DIET?

We all love a little time-off with friends and family. Hitting the road, with your favourite people, singing, aka screaming, your lungs out with your go-to playlist and yes of-course, the snacks. Snacking and road-tripping go hand in hand.
While on-road and away from home you might think of taking a break from your diet too. Thinking and drooling over delicious food you might relish on your getaways. Ok! STOP! Do not go down that dark alley😶.

Keto, Kitchen, and Me. Ketorets by Rahul Kamra

Keto, Kitchen, and Me…

I have been doing rounds in this weight-loss world ever since a young kid. Fats run in my genes you see 😉. I have popped pills, have been fed protein Rotis, blended so-called fun smoothies, worked out like a retard, watched out what I ate, so on and so forth. I have been doing it in all forms that it comes. So, when I hear somebody talking about a diet, I crib. I change routes. I leave the place because diets have never been fun in my life. Not until I embarked on this unknown, yet so far delicious journey. Am I making sense? Probably not at this moment. But go on, read a little more.

Ketoacidosis, Ketorets by Rahul Kamra

What is Ketoacidosis and Keto Rash?

How Does Keto Affect Menstrual Cycle?
When you start keto, you might skip your period, despite not getting any action in a while. However, there are many underlying factors that affect menstrual cycle. The kind of food we eat and the way we lead our lives do not just impact our bodies but can also usher hormonal imbalances. Thus, any diet can affect menses. Similarly, your menstrual health might be suffering at hands of your normal diet or lack thereof.

Get Out of Keto

How to Get Out of Keto?

Is There A Process to Get Out Of Keto Or I Can Start With A Normal Diet Whenever I End Keto?
When you decide to part ways with keto ☹, simply waving a goodbye is not going to cut it. Upon reaching desired goals, you need to prepare your body by gradually introducing carbohydrates back into your diet. This process is called an offset plan or reverse dieting.

Social Life on Keto

Does Keto Mean End of Social Life?

Does Keto Mean End of Social Life?
Keto can end your social life only if you avoid having a social life because you are doing keto. Any social event primarily consists of two things – treating our taste buds and interacting with fellow humans.
The sight of a menu is a beautiful one, sheer excitement of landing your finger on something yummy is something else. So how exactly to do that on keto? Simple! by pre-planning your visit or trip. This allows you to strike middle ground with going out while following your diet.

Hair Fall on Keto, Ketorets by Rahul Kamra

Is Hair Fall on Keto Normal?

Is Hair Fall on Keto, Normal?
Life can be very unfair. Hair loss is so rampant and weight loss is like riding a slow rollercoaster. If only these two could switch places. Time to wake up from your daydreaming slumber, my friend.
There is no certain proof that keto leads to hair fall. While doing keto over a span of 3 months, you may experience hair fall due to drastic changes in terms of your dietary shifts and shedding extra fat.
Taking a multivitamin from day one is a rule of thumb that you must follow. It gives your body an added oomph of nutrition and may prevent hair fall.